Tips Whilst Playing Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is a quite simple game, although there are still several tips that can help a new person get started. Below are some of the best tips for playing Diablo 3.

  1. To avoid unintentionally clicking on the ground rather than the enemy you’re attempting to hit and end up charging toward them, press the shift button when attacking. This will enable you to maintain your character in place.
  2. Although dungeons always comprise of equal number of grounds, each time you play them the outline and positions of treasure, shrines, as well as healing also changes.
  3. You may keep casting the Wizards signature spells without pausing since they don’t utilize any arcane power. The wizard contains the best mana recharge rate among all the classes.
  4. Press the Alt button when mousing above an item to contrast two dual-wielded weapons. Doing this when your follower window is open will compare the item on the floor to the one you have currently equipped.
  5. Grey items are valueless. White items are worth, although have no magical charm. Blue items have a minimum of one magical characteristic.Yellow items are uncommon, and have a high base stat, as well as a bigger number of enchantments compared to the blue ones. Orange items are celebrated, and are never haphazardly created; they always have an exceptional name, and certain characteristics. Green items are as well celebrated, however are part of a corresponding set. Accumulation of a complete set of green gear awards you a unique bonus.
  6. You will receive a 15% increase in your rate of attack if you select dual-wield.
  7. When you defeat your follower, they’ll fall to one knee; they never die. They’ll renew themselves after 10 seconds. Every health globes you choose will heal your follower.
  8. In co-op, gold and loot are matchless to you. Items that monsters or chests belongs to you alone plus only you may observe them on the monitor. If you pick an item and drop it on the floor, it’ll be seen by everyone.
  9. You might still chat with other players even if you aren’t utilizing voice chat. Utilize the numeric keypad to choose from a range of helpful stock phrases such as thanks, sorry, among others.
  10. Press the F button to equip your companions with weapons, amulets, shields as well as particular items to every type.
  11. Press Z key to have a zoomed view of your items.
  12. Press V key to activate the opponent health bars.
  13. Press D key to activate the open player health bars.
  14. Never sell blue items to merchants; sell only the white or grey ones. Its better you take the blue items to the blacksmith and divide them into crafting materials by means of the salvage tab.
  15. Ensure that your equipment is serviced after every dungeon. You can have this done by any merchant in exchange of a small quantity of gold. Simply click on the hammer tab lying on the trading interface. The item stats can help you establish how much your weapons and armor are damaged.
  16. If you want to play alone without your followers haphazardly joining your game, just go to the options and below the Social tab deactivate the ‘Allow Quick Join’ and no one will be able to disturb your solo play. Just active it when you feel like playing together with your friends.

We hope that these tips help you to get better at the game and be sure to check back for more in the future.

Diablo 3 tips

Diablo 3 tips


Blizzard President issues concerns over Diablo 3

The Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime has decided today July 19th 2012 on the official website to post a notice about the games issues and feedback. The post was published on the site with the attention of letting players know that they are being heard by the game developers and they are doing every thing in their power to make the game a great user experience.

The post was seen as a letter rather than a article or thread and it was especially devoted to the loyal game followers who have certain issues regarding the role playing game.

The Blizzard boss wanted to thank personally, all the Diablo 3 community for their vital feedback and said that all of the feedback via emails ect was being taken in to consideration. The creators of Diablo 3 had gathered all the feedback for them to get stuck into and resolve any real problems that needed addressing.

The boss said in the letter “We’ve never gone from 0 to more than six million players across multiple continents within a few days with a brand-new game.” Diablo 3 became completely unplayable when it officially launched well over 2 months ago.

He then went on to say, “The launch week of Diablo 3 was memorable for many reasons – some positive, and some not so positive,” he said. “We were thrilled that Diablo 3 had the biggest PC-game launch ever, surpassing the lifetime sales of Cataclysm (the previous record holder for biggest PC-game launch) in a matter of weeks. We’ve been floored by the response.”

The fact that the servers went down upon release even surprised Mike and took the entire Blizzard team by surprise. He said that when people were pre-ordering the game consistently, they decided to increase the servers capability. That didn’t even stop the servers from not being able to hack the amount of gamers that wanted to get online and play the RPG game.

Mike said that the team have been taking a look at any future problems and although Diablo 3 has been not failing or running badly over the past couple of weeks, they aim to make the experience last this time round.

Mike also said “For Diablo 3, we looked at historical sales for Blizzard games and other top-selling PC games and watched pre-order numbers. We even upped our estimates to ensure we had additional capacity, or so we thought. In the end, it just wasn’t enough, and that is something we will work hard to conquer for future releases.”

The fact that there is a important Patch 1.0.4. coming out very soon, Blizzard want to make design even better and keep it’s existing customers for the foreseeable future. Many critics have suggested that there has been a massive decrease in online Diablo 3 users. Mike seems to not disagree as he wants to get a decent game balance aswell.

“Rather than address every subject individually, I’ll just say that even as we work to address or resolve current issues, it’s always possible that further issues will crop up. We hope that our actions in the past have demonstrated that above all else, we’re committed to delivering an awesome game experience, and we hope you’ll have faith that we will continue to keep that commitment and respond to any new or outstanding issues quickly.”

One of the biggest problems that the Diablo 3 makers have had to put up with is the famous real money auction house. Which was an added bonus feature for the latest in the long running series.

“Our primary goal for including this in the game was to provide convenience and peace of mind for those players who might otherwise turn to third-party services to buy items,” Mike said.

Mike ended the letter by personally tanking every single one of the loyal fan base that Diablo 3 has. He said that their passion, thoughts and vital feedback were very important and crucial to them all. In doing so, this is making Blizzard a stronger and better company in the long run he added. We want to make amazing improvements to the series and thank you for your support were he’s last words.

Taiwanese gamer dies from playing Diablo 3 too long

It has emerged today that a young Taiwanese Diablo 3 gamer has dies from playing the famous game for 40 hours in a row without a break. The boy is from Taiwan, and was found dead in an Internet cafe on July 13th in the afternoon. The cause of death was said to be he’s heart having been completely exhausted from lack of rest and sleep.

The boy decided also not to eat for approximately 2 days in a row and was named as Chuang. That being he’s first name as he’s first name is not to be disclosed to the public. This will surely make Blizzard think about putting a time setting on the game to prevent this horrible tragedy from ever happening ever again.

Chuang was found in the Private Internet cafe which he was staying in as part of he’s accommodation, a staff member found him on the 15th July and gave him a quick nudge of the shoulder. Then Chuang reacted by standing up all dazed and took just a couple of steps and then suddenly fainted to the floor. He was then immediately rushed to the nearest hospital where he tragically died later that day.

Many people on the web are saying this could have been prevented easily. The fact that the Diablo 3 game is not going anywhere fast and can be played whenever one wants, is really complicating the mindset of certain individuals involved with the game.

Blizzard fixes bugs, errors and server crashes For July

It has been announced in the last few days on the official website that Diablo 3 game makers (Blizzard) have fixed a number of problems and errors occurring in the online role playing game. They aim to make the user experience even better than before by getting rid of errors and bugs that have infested the game ever since it’s arrival back in May.

They made an important announcement via their website homepage saying that they have sorted out gameplay and service issues that have been causing numerous problems in the game. The updates have been running successfully over the past few days and it does not require anyone to do any downloading of any patches.

They have fixed the bug that actually allowed Diablo III players to earn additional stacks of Nephalem Valor or guaranteed item drops by killing multiple enemies simultaneously from the same Champion or Rare pack. Also they go on to say how they have fixed loads more server crashes for the game.


Limited games allowed on Diablo 3

In the next week that is coming up, Diablo 3 users will only have a limited amount of games they will be allowed to launch in a small period of time. Blizzard have decided to take this action because of all the bots that have caused them no end of problems. Also the hacking has played a big part in Blizzard’s decision to take this course of action.

They want the terms of usage to be respected and think this is the best way of going about that. On the official forum, Blizzard said “We’ve further tuned and tested the conditions that trigger this limit to ensure, as much as possible, that it only affects those abusing the Diablo 3 game service in a way that violates the terms of use – for example, by using bots that create games in rapid succession.”

You can get in contact with Blizzard though if you are one of the genuine players and you will have to explain as to why you plan to create load of games up. You should receive a message by them saying that your input limit has been reached. That is when you will have to contact Blizzard directly and tell them the story.

Blizzard’s Diablo 3 – Good Or Bad?

Since it’s release a little over a month and a bit ago the popular RPG game has had it’s fair share of criticism and bad news coming it’s way. With servers going down on launch day, to real money auction house exploits with item dupping. Diablo 3 has had it all and it is not a very good reputation Blizzard was planning to create for itself.

The other day, the Diablo 3 (rmah) was found to have been hacked by players who were purchasing items at knocked down prices, only to then go on and sell them for double or even treble the price. The game developers (Blizzard) immediately saw that this was taking part in the auction houses and therefore had to close them down.

What we want to know is, has Blizzard spent far too much time on the RMAH feature for the new installment. Or do you think the lack of gameplay that effectively made way and suffered, could have been better. In our personal view, Blizzard decided to concentrate on the RMAH and online side of things compared to the more important gameplay and lifespan of the game.

You have got to ask yourself the question. Is having a really cool new feature added into the game as a bonus, better than the lifespan of a game or even gameplay itself. So was Blizzard’s Diablo 3 good or bad after all?

Diablo III auction house hacked easily

In the last day or so the real money auction house in Diablo III has been controversially hacked by players who are able to buy items in the game at knock down prices. The hack has been spread around rapidly and people have been letting their friends know online since the revelation was revealed.

Blizzard who are the game developers have decided to take drastic action in their quest to tackle the auction house hackers and have therefore suspended the rmah for a couple of hours. The servers will be down for a short while and this is yet another blip in the game that it didn’t really need.

There has been no shortage of controversy surrounding Diablo 3 since it’s release i May of this year. Players have been buying items at the actual bidding pricing instead of the right buyout price that should be set. Gamers have simply been repeating this technique over and over again and surely are going to end up getting a lifetime ban for their exploits.